How Long Can You Leave Your Puppy Alone?

Puppies bring joy, energy, and love into a home, but they also require time, attention, and care, especially in their early stages of life. One common question among new puppy owners is, "How long can I leave my puppy alone?" The answer to this question depends on various factors, including the puppy's age, training, and individual needs.

When acquiring a new puppy, it is important to plan some time off to get your puppy acclimate to the new environment and people. Once the puppy get used to the new environment, you can begin leaving your puppy alone at home or in their crate for a short time, increasing the duration as they age.

How long should you leave your puppy alone?

Remember that puppies need to urinate often as they have small bladders. Assuming your puppy is comfortable being alone at home, puppies can hold it for one hour per every month of their age plus one (e.g. a four months old puppy can hold it for five hours). This is just a general rule and it doesn't mean you always to have stretch your puppy's bladder to the limit. The more often you can take your puppy out the better.

A tired dog is a good dog

Puppies need a lot of physical activities to burn off their energy. A well exercised puppy tends to be more calm when being left alone.

The exercise requirements for your dog will depend on its breed. A herding breed dog (such as Border Collie, German Sheperd) often requires more intense activities to expand their energy. Before leaving your puppy, it's a good idea to have a 20-minute walk or play session to burn off their energy and keep your puppy content. Be careful not to over exercise your puppies since their bodies are not yet fully developed. 

In addition to physical exercises, mental activity is also an important enrichment for your puppy to stay happy and healthy. Mental activities can also tire your dog out just like its physical counterparts. Consider leaving safe toys or food puzzle for your puppy when you leave your home. This can aid your puppy to associate their owner leaving home with something fun!


Leaving a puppy alone is a responsibility that requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Understanding your puppy's developmental stage, coupled with proper training and care, ensures that you can balance your daily life without neglecting your furry friend's needs.

Remember, the above guidelines are general recommendations, and your puppy's individual needs may vary. Regular communication with a veterinary or canine professional ensures that you provide the best care for your puppy, nurturing a lifelong bond built on trust, love, and understanding.